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the Origin of Language

The theory that we can create a New Earth in this life is thought provoking, encouraging, and far out.

Eckhart Tolle is someone that spoke and wrote about New Heaven and New Earth frequently. He was able to word it all in such a way that wasn’t alarming or hard to comprehend.

The more one thinks about the concept, the more ideas can begin to rattle around the cranium.

From what I have been able to gather, it can be quite simple. The idea is that as we change our thoughts and actions to thoughts and actions of Light and Goodness, we change our frequency and we begin living in a higher vibration. By doing this, we attract people on our same level and we repel those that are not. Also, as our thoughts and actions change and we begin doing kind things and living altruistically and with reverence for Life, we begin to cultivate better karma and better interactions with people.

All of this contributes to the creation of New Heaven within us. Meaning, the state of our consciousness is raised to a higher dimension. A dream state, a heavenly state. And therefore, our perception changes and we reflect in the world around us thereby creating New Earth.

This may seem like a far out idea but then again, isn’t everything around us pretty far out?