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The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Program

The aim of MOL’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) program is to reduce or eliminate workplace fatalities, injuries and illness primarily through two closely linked areas of OHS: prevention and enforcement. MOL works closely with workplace health and safety system partners to improve occupational health and safety across the province.

The foundation of MOL’s OHS program is the Occupational Health and Safety Act(OHSA) and its regulations, which establish rights and duties of workers, employers, and key institutions. Among other things, the OHSA requires compliance with minimum standards to protect the health and safety of Ontario workers. The OHSAapplies to all workplaces across all business sectors of Ontario except for work activities undertaken by owner/residents in their own homes, farming operations, businesses operated by self-employed persons, and workplaces regulated by the federal government.

Occupational Health and Safety Prevention

Key components of the OHS Prevention program include:

  • A Chief Prevention Officer with a province-wide mandate for prevention of workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities;
  • A multi-stakeholder Prevention Council to advise the Chief Prevention Officer on a wide range of occupational health and safety issues; and,
  • Funding and oversight responsibilities for the six Health and Safety Associations (HSAs).

The Prevention Council consists of eleven members, including four labour and four employer representatives, a non-unionized worker representative, an occupational health and safety expert, and a representative from the WSIB. In addition to providing strategic advice to the CPO, Council members engage with OHS system partners and stakeholder networks in support of the Prevention Office’s mandate.

The six Health and Safety Associations, which are designated under the OHSA and funded by MOL, offer occupational health and safety training, education, awareness and specialized clinic services. The Health and Safety Associations are comprised of:

Sector-focused Safe Workplace Associations:

  • Infrastructure Health and Safety Association
  • Public Services Health and Safety Association
  • Workplace Safety North
  • Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

A medical clinic:

  • Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers

A training centre:

  • Workers Health and Safety Centre