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‘The Neuronal Basis and Ontogeny of Empathy and Mind Reading:

We will now briefly explain the importance of each set of processes to the model and how they link together. Situation Selection is the first of the five sets to appear in the model, this set of processes refers to approaching or avoiding certain aspects that might have an effect on our emotion in order to regulate them. Knowledge of those aspects and what they may cause is expected to be able to determine whether or not to approach or avoid them as required. Situation Modification follows in the model’s flow as a follow-up to dealing with situations that were not dealt with in Situation Selection. All this pertains to attempting to change the impact of a given situation to our emotional state, thus coping with it and regulating our emotions. Attentional Deployment is the first set of internal emotion regulatory processes to appear, this set of processes relies on changing the attentional focus of the person through distractions, concentrating on something or ruminating. Taking your attention of of the source of unwanted stimuli, can help you feel less affected by it. Cognitive Change follows Attentional Deployment as a part of the emotion regulatory processes. What it does is to have the individual with a certain emotional response, change his/hers personal interpretation of circumstances in order to change the resulting appraisal emotions. This change will cause the user either to diminish the importance of a negative aspect, or shift the responsibility of said problem over to another player thus regulating his/hers emotions.