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The Mission Statements

the processes of analysis, formulation, and implementation towards sustaining competitive advantage.

The Strategic Management concentration requires two core courses to give students an in-depth understanding of the various dimensions of Strategic Management: ecosystem, industry, and competitor analysis, corporate strategy, multinational strategy, and strategy implementation. With the course offerings below, the concentration enables students to develop valuable capabilities for several career directions, including consulting or internal strategic positions.

Sponsored by: Management Division
Faculty Contact: Alia Crocker

If you plan to study abroad: Only two courses taken abroad may be used to satisfy the Strategic Management Concentration and must have a Babson equivalent course code from the (B) course listings below. These courses must be approved through the Glavin Office of International and Multicultural Programs in advance. All other concentration courses must be taken at Babson or lead by a Babson Strategy professor for courses taught abroad.

Required Courses
Four courses are required for the concentration. A minimum of two must be selected from the (A) list and at least one must be selected from the (B) list. The fourth course could be chosen from either (A) or (B). Please note, although the faculty recognize the benefits of the Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE), this course may NOT count towards the concentration.

(A) Minimum of two required courses: