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the metabolism of isolated astrocytes

To study the effect of ammonium chloride on energy storage of both astrocytes and C6-glioma … the acute and chronic effects of NH4Cl (7.5 or 15 mM) on the metabolism of isolated astrocytes and C6-glioma cells were observed. Primary astrocytes were isolated from the cerebral hemispheres of 1 to 2 day old Sprague-Dawley rats, and C6-glioma cells were purchased from the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC). Following treatment of the cells with ammonia, glucose, lactate, glutamate, ATP, and PCr were assayed. /The/ data showed that at 15 min following treatment with NH4Cl, there were no significant differences in the concentration of metabolites measured in astrocytes. However, following 15 min of treatment with NH4Cl, the concentration of some metabolites, for example, ATP and lactate, changed significantly in C6-glioma cells … 24 hr of treatment was sufficient time to see significant biochemical changes but not morphological changes in either cell type. Simultaneous biochemical and morphological changes were observed 48 hr following treatment in C6-glioma cells and at 9 to 10 days following treatment in primary astrocytes. In primary astrocytes at 24 hr following treatment, glucose utilization increased. This high utilization of glucose was in accordance with the increase in lactate and glutamate production and the decrease in ATP and PCr formation. In C6-glioma cells the utilization of glucose increased but this high utilization of glucose was consistent with a significant decrease in the concentration of lactate, glutamate and ATP.