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the hardware subsystems

A hardware architecture generally includes some form of analog, digital, or hybrid electronic computer, along with electronic and mechanical sensors and actuators. Hardware design may be viewed as a ‘partitioning scheme,’ or algorithm, which considers all of the system’s present and foreseeable requirements and arranges the necessary hardware components into a workable set of cleanly boundedsubsystems with no more parts than are required. That is, it is a partitioning scheme that is exclusive, inclusive, and exhaustive. A major purpose of the partitioning is to arrange the elements in the hardware subsystems so that there is a minimum of electrical connections and electronic communications needed among them. In both software and hardware, a good subsystem tends to be seen as a meaningful “object.” Moreover, a clear allocation of user requirements to the architecture (hardware and software) provides an effective basis for validation testsof the user’s requirements in the as-built system