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The Gravity Equation In International Trade

Economics is about how each and all of us make a living in a deeply interdependent world.  It’s a social science that uses theory, history, and data analytics to study the webs of cooperation and conflict that arise – through commerce, law, legislation, and civil society – as individuals and organizations pursue diverse their distinct goals and craft their own niches within local, regional, national, and international communities.

The goal of our program is to help students develop a working knowledge of economics – its core concepts and methods, real-world applications, enduring controversies – and to increase their capabilities as disciplined, independent thinkers.  We want all of our majors to walk away with potent, transferable skills that will serve them well as workers, citizens, and lifelong learners, and that will be valued by future employers.

Our distinctive curriculum, anchored by a pluralistic view of economics as a conversation among multiple traditions of thought and delivered by a committed faculty of active researchers and award-winning teachers – produces skilled analysts who enjoy career flexibility, strong preparation for graduate and professional studies, and above-average earnings in finance, energy, consulting, law, public administration, international affairs, and the non-profit sector.