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the formation of political parties and movements

I have shared this vision with quite a few people. Some have been incredibly supportive, but some have advised against it. I am under no illusions that this will be easy. Considering whom we are going up against, it looks like it is impossible. They said we don’t have money to run. But we want to say that our strength is in our numbers. They say we don’t have the structure. But we say we will attempt to build it. They say, what if we lose and we say what if we win. We may not have a godfather. But we have God. We have intellectual capacity and integrity and the right intentions. We have a whole lot of hope that at the end of the day, it may very well be the only thing we have. But I truly believe that it is all we need.

Our generation needs a realistic rallying point. We need to begin in community, earn our way into the system and up the ladder. We need someone to stick their neck out and pave the way. The problem is that we’ve always looked only to our leaders for change…instead of looking in the mirror and at the neighbors around us. Isn’t it ironic that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for all along?

It’s incredible what can be achieved with a dream, the willingness to work hard, and the courage to hold on to hope in spite of the odds. I’ve seen rock bottom create champions. I’ve seen grass watered until it becomes known as grace. “Hope” is almost always the common denominator. Hope is what helped a former plantain seller and a kid born blind at birth become 2 of the most internationally acclaimed and successful Music Producers, from this same Nigeria.

Hope is what convinced 2 young Nigerians that they could take a company that at one point wasn’t worth the paper it was registered on, and build it into one of the foremost Media and Entertainment Empires in the country. Hope is what convinced me that a scrawny little kid from Ojuelegba Shitta could one day become the biggest Artist on the African continent. Hope is what has helped me through 3 separate battles with skin cancer.

And to me, that’s what tonight is all about…it’s about this generation having the courage to hope again, and the will to work towards making our dreams for Nigeria, a reality. That’s what we are attempting to do with MDP – the Modern Democratic Party.