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The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals.

Think about something as simple and obvious as the clouds for a moment. We are so immune to the majesty of clouds.

Clouds are floating high above us in the shape of fluffy ice cream scoops. They don’t fall, they just float gloriously above us. We accept this as normal because we have been taught why and how it happens.

The main difference between our perception of clouds and the conscious creation of New Earth is that we don’t have a proven reasons for much of spirituality and consciousness in general. We just have our own beliefs and feelings. We base our Truth off of what feels right to us when it comes to spirituality and religion.

Why The New Heaven, New Earth Theory is Believable

This is similar to the idea of mastering the vibe and creating our own reality.

Basically, when we are living joyously, we say we are in heaven. When something great is happening it feels heavenly or heaven on Earth.

What if we took that and expanded it over a week or a month or a year? What if when we left vacation or when the wedding ends or whatever it is that is making life so heavenly, we take the feelings and keep them. We project the same feelings of happiness and gratitude onto the situation we are in no matter if it’s “special” or not.

What happens next is magical. Life is still heaven and everything is still sparkling.

The way that we choose to view our current situation is the way the current situation comes to be.

The idea is mindfully focusing on the goodness of the moment, each moment, each day. Extending the time we spend ruminating in the positive vibe and holding onto that vibe.

We can literally create Heaven on Earth this way.