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The evolution of organometallic complexes in organic light-emitting devices.

Private Sector in Ghana
MCC is working with the government of Ghana towards concession of the Electricity Company of Ghana, a large distribution utility. This will bring an experienced private sector operator of the utility and also the much needed investment into Ghana’s power sector, reducing the financial burden on the government while improving the distribution network.

Building infrastructure

Workers at the 400 kilovolt Nkhoma Substation—a significant transmission upgrade completed as part of MCC’s $350.7 million compact with Malawi.

Reliable, sustainable power requires a strong infrastructure base. MCC invests in strategically identified electricity infrastructure, spanning the entire power sector value chain. In September 2018, MCC successfully completed its five-year compact with the government of Malawi, revitalizing the country’s power sector. MCC investments in Malawi have helped stabilize the electricity grid and increase the volume of electricity that can flow through the system. A new high-voltage 400 kilovolt overhead line strengthened the backbone of the transmission network, now allowing the system to accommodate new power generation and enabling Malawi to link to the Southern African Power Pool, creating the opportunity buy and sell electricity from neighboring countries in the future.

MCC also rehabilitated and expanded the 88 megawatt Mount Coffee hydropower facility in Liberia and is procuring firms to finalize design of the low-voltage distribution lines in Beni