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the evaluation policy

The Office of Internal Oversight Services is the custodian of the evaluation function. The Office reports directly to the Director-General, and annually in a report for consideration by the Executive Board, on matters relating to evaluation at WHO. The Office is responsible for the following functions related to evaluation: (a) leading the development of a biennial Organization-wide evaluation workplan; (b) informing senior management on evaluation-related issues of Organization-wide importance; (c) facilitating the input of evaluation findings and lessons learnt for programme planning; (d) coordinating the implementation of the framework for evaluation across the three levels of the Organization; (e) maintaining a system to track management responses to evaluations; (f) maintaining an online inventory of evaluations performed across WHO; 7 Refer to the WHO evaluation practice handbook for further details on the individual roles and responsibilities for evaluation. 8 WHO Executive Board and its subsidiary organ, the Programme, Budget and Administration Committee. 9 (g) maintaining a roster of experts with evaluation experience; (h) providing guidance material and advice for the preparation, conduct and followup of evaluations; (i) reviewing evaluation reports for compliance with the requirements of the policy; (j) strengthening capacities in evaluation among WHO staff (for example, making available standardized methodologies or training on evaluation); (k) submitting an annual report on evaluation activities to the Executive Board through the Director-General; (l) supporting the periodic review and updates to the policy as needed.