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The ego and the id.

It should not be this way! In my experience, the Inter-net is actually less useful than it was 5 years ago. The dominant cultural narratives of computerization speak of unending progress (and the primary counternarrative is one of dehumanization). Neither of these adequately ex-presses the realities of contemporary networked comput-ing. Computers are becoming faster, and some of the soft-ware that we use is becoming more useful; but what used to be minor annoyances are becoming increasingly debili-tating. The future viability of the Internet for research and teaching depends critically on whether or not we are able to overcome hacking, viruses, spyware, spam, smut, and ads (not to mention the next set of problems, whatever they may be). These problems are clearly larger than SCiP, but in some respects they affect us disproportionately. My fear is that as the ass-hats raise the personal, emotional, and financial cost of using computers, those working in a not-for-profit capacity will be hit the hardest. Who wants to create and share software and other Internet-accessible resources if the result is grief and aggravation