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creating the personnel policies

The culture of the fire service has been developed over years of tradition. This tradition has helped create the personnel
policies that have been established surrounding a para-military type of organization.
In this unit, you have looked at how you can deal with conflicts, complaints, and mistakes as well as how to use a process when it comes to following personnel
For this assignment, you will need to identify an example or examples from your personal experiences for each of the three
types of problems listed below:
complaint, and
You may use the same example if it covers all three types of problems, or you may include three different examples where
each one covers a different type of problem.
After identifying your example(s), you will need to meet the requirements below.
Provide an introduction to your experiences.
Explain the situation in each example and the outcome.

Compare and contrast the processes that were or should have been used to handle each type of problem.

Propose recommendations and solutions that could or should have been used.
Should they have all been handled in the same manner, or are different procedures for handling each needed? Why?
This assignment is designed for you to incorporate information learned up to this point of the course.
Your assignment is to be minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages.