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the core values of socialism

According to the Chinese Communist Party, China has the goal to eradicate poverty by 2020. To help his country mitigate poverty, last year Ma launched a $1.5 billion poverty relief fund. In tandem with the Chinese Communist Party’s commitment, Ma said: “Without Deng Xiaoping, there would be no us.” Examples like Jack Ma are common in China, illustrating the strength of Chinese pride. The Chinese people will help boost Chinese economy. Thus, the domestic economy in China will see a continuous growth, although it will not grow as fast as its foreign economy.

The analysis of the public and private sectors confirms that today’s China is a renewed and better China. Maybe no one knows if the Chinese Communist regime will survive, it can persevere for a long time if it continues evolving. First, Chinese communism is not the same communism of Josef Stalin of the early 20th century. Although Mao Zedong based his regimes on Marxist-Leninism, the Communism preached in today’s China has evolved over the last 97 years. They have learned a great deal from the mistakes of the past, so they are looking for new alternatives for the future. In the period between 1958 to 1961, during the Great Chinese famine, more than 40 million people died of hunger and poor working conditions. The Chinese Communist Party learned a lot from its mistakes, and in response to that, they managed to put more than 700 million people above the poverty level in 40 years.