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The Clinical Mental Health

TAMCTU began the process of seeking CACREP accreditation in the fall of 2014. Prior to this the program
was a 48 credit hour Counseling in Psychology program that met the state of Texas requirements to become
an Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Prior to 2014 the program shared many courses with the School
Counseling, Marriage and Family, and the School Psychology track. Courses were cross listed and the prefixes reflected all program, but no course prefixes were specific to a Clinical Mental Health program. In order to meet both the CACREP Standards and the revised state of Texas education requirements the program
shifted to a 60 credit hour program. In the fall of 2014 the 48 hour in Counseling Psychology program started
it’s phase out status leaving many students with the required course work to meet their original degree plan.
Some of the data collected to inform this report included students who are under the old 48 hour Counseling
Psychology degree plan. Indications will be made within this report to identify data that reflects participants
from this cohort of students as well as student who are under the revised and newly implemented 60 credit
hour program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program.
In the spring of 2015, to further move the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program toward a strong professional identity in counseling, course prefixes will be changed from MHCK to COUN. This change will
take place during the 2017-2018 academic year. Once this change has cleared the curriculum committee
process, Master’s in CMHC course descriptions, degree plans, and transcripts will reflect this course prefix..
In order to meet the new credit hour requirements, several courses were moved from elective status to core
course work and several additional courses were added. Those that were moved from elective status to required status included: COUN 5313 Crisis Intervention & Management of Individuals, COUN 5356 Introduction to Family Counseling and Therapy, COUN 5383 Consultation and Supervision, and COUN 5363
Substance Abuse Counseling. PSYK 584: P