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the Chinese Communist Party

The Chinese Communist Party has more than 89 million representatives. Although this number represents only 7% of China’s population, the party has more members than Germany’s population. Furthermore, the Chinese Communist Party uses a meritocracy system, which aims to select political leaders with above-average ability to make morally informed political judgments.

Third, democracy, especially U.S. democracy has proven to be flawed. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what the best for them. In my home country, Brazil, we have had a democratic government since 1990’s. In less than 30 years, Brazil had two presidents impeached, one president imprisoned for corruption and two under investigation for corruption. In addition, democracy in Latin American, European and African countries led to a rise of populism. Populist governments are extremely radical, are against immigration, favor nationalism and work for the elite who controls the country. Populism can be either left or right wing, but both are a disease in the democratic system because of the lack of maturity and political knowledge of voters.

Last, the core values of socialism are present in all corners of China. The 12 values are prosperity, democracy, civility and harmony; the social values of freedom, equality, justice and the rule of law; and the individual values of patriotism, dedication, integrity and friendship. President Xi Jinping posited that “core socialist values are the soul of cultural soft power. Soft power of a nation depends on the vitality, cohesive force and charisma of its core values.” In China, there are many public museums, memorial halls, libraries that promote these core values. Under the instruction of the Chinese Communist Party, the core values of socialism are included in Chinese textbooks too. In tier cities, there are many billboards demonstrating the core values of socialism. In addition, in Beijing, the capital of China, along several main avenues, there are gardens decorating the same 12 core values.