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The Administrative Conference of the United States’ “Petitions for Rulemaking”“identifies agency procedures and best practices for accepting, processing, and responding to petitions for rulemaking. It seeks to ensure that the public’s right to petition is meaningful, while still respecting the need for agencies to retain decisional autonomy. Building upon ACUS’ previous work on the subject, it provides additional guidance that may make the petitioning process more useful for agencies, petitioners, and the public.” The ACUS made these final recommendations on improving communication and engagement between regulatory policymakers and general-public stakeholders, informed by New York University’s Institute for Policy Integrity’s recommendations to the ACUS which included “…the enhanced use of online platforms to educate the public; the facilitation of consultations with petitioners before and after submission; the creation of public comment periods for all petitions; the collection of statistics on agency petitions; and the establishment of default timelines for responses.”