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the business change

The business case is developed during the early stages of a project and outlines the why, what, how, and who necessary to decide if it is worthwhile continuing a project.

Whilst the project proposal focuses on why you want a project it will only contain an outline of the project: business vision, business need, expected benefits, strategic fit, products produced, broad estimates of time and cost, and impact on the organisation.

In contrast, the business case, which is first developed during an initial investigation, has much more detail and should be reviewed by the project sponsor and key stakeholdersbefore being accepted, rejected, canceled, deferred, or revised.

Depending on the scale of the business change the business case may need further development as part of a detailed investigation.

Therefore, it should be developed incrementally so that time and resources aren’t unnecessarily wasted on the impractical.

Why You Need a Business Case

Preparing the business case involves an assessment of:

  • business problem or opportunity,
  • benefits,
  • risk,
  • costs including investment appraisal,
  • likely technical solutions,
  • timescale,
  • impact on operations, and
  • organisational capability to deliver the project outcomes.

These project issues are an important part of the business case. They express the problems with the current situation and demonstrate the benefits of the new business vision.