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Temperature Effect on Performance of Different Solar Cell Technologies

FF’ dependence on radiation is ignored. From Eq. (4) we can say that as the radiation intensity (Pin) decreases, the open circuit voltage (Voc) decreases with the decrease in light generated current (IL) (decrease in IL is related to decrease in Solar radiation intensity (Pin), both of which cancelled out) so efficiency will decrease with decrease in solar radiation intensity (Pin), where as efficiency increases if the radiation intensity (Pin) is decreased beyond 1 – sun intensity (Again if FF is assumed to be constant) [1] Effect of Temperature on Efficiency The temperature dependency of solar cell efficiency comes from the dependency of open circuit voltage (Voc) on temperature, which depends on the reverse saturations current (Io) and it can vary effectively with temperature. The expression for Io is represented here [5]  (5) The variation in Io because of temperature is purely due to intrinsic carrier concentration (). Other parameters in Eq (5) are considered to be constant with temperature the  as a function of temperature is expressed as below  (6) Where is a constant, substituting Eq (6) in Eq (5), we will obtain  (7) Where,  is another constant. Now Eq. (7) can be used in Eq. (3) in order to obtain dependency of Voc on temperature. We will get the following equation: