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Teamwork/Cooperation (within and across units)

General media trends and current representations of sustainability topics in the media Media is an essential part of society today. It informs, it entertains, it helps people to form and support opinions, and it can serve as an orienting force in society. Media therefore also influences the way people act and for this reason has displaced traditional roles and functions of many educational, religious and political institutions (Reichertz 2000). Media has a core role in fostering holistic changes in society according to the overall concept of sustainability. People can be reached with sustainability messages through the effective use of media formats. People could learn from media, or at its best, modify their attitudes and behaviours as has been shown in a number of studies (Europabarometer 2001, Porter Novelli 2002 and 2005, Kaiser Family Foundation 2008, Reusswig et al. 2004). 1 For research in the field of mainstream consumers, their media habits and sustainability issues, it might be valuable to look at the different milieu groups and their media habits in detail; Haas (2007) is among the first researchers to examine these issues in detail. Although there are some differences between the various mainstream groups, for the purposes of the study were not deemed sufficient to warrant individual analysis within this project. 7 However, it has been a challenge over recent years to design and implement media formats with potential to both influence people and provide them with accurate and authentic sustainability information. Many political leaders, scholars and other (public) opinion leaders have controversially discussed how recent trends like the global expansion of information, communication systems and technology and the decisive emergence of media worldwide can be used to foster exposure to sustainability themes. Several studies and workshops have been conducted to learn more about the role of the media in promoting sustainability issues (AdolfGrimme-Institut 2004 and 2008; Ali 2002; Fleisch/Camphausen 2002; Medienworkshop RNE 2004 und 2006; Schwender/Schulz/Kreeb 2008, Lubjuhn/Pratt 2009). However, long-term solutions and strategies toward introducing sustainability topics into mainstream media formats remain outstanding.