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Version 4 of the Planetary Data System (PDS) is now available. Data from new missions are being designed for ingestion into PDS4’ and earlier PDS3 data sets are being migrated to the new PDS4 system1 . The PDS4 Information Model (IM) is the fundamental reference for PDS4 structure; its requirements can be validated automatically using eXtensible Markup Language (XML) schemas. The PDS4 Data Dictionary Data Base (DDDB) is the fundamental reference for definitions of classes and attributes. The PDS4 Concepts document provides an overview of the philosophy behind and organization of PDS4. It includes a glossary of terms as used within PDS4. 1.1 Purpose The PDS4 Standards Reference (SR) is a compilation of policies, rules, and other PDS4 constraints that are not given explicitly in the IM and DDDB. The combination of the IM, DDDB, and SR gives the set of common requirements that apply across PDS. Each PDS discipline node (DN) may establish additional requirements that further constrain — but do not conflict with — the common requirements and apply only to data ingested through that node. 1.2 Scope The PDS4 SR applies to PDS Version 4 and its holdings. External standards, adopted by PDS, are included by reference. Examples and recommended best practices can be found in the PDS4 Data Provider’s Handbook (DPH) and references therein. 1.3 Audience The PDS4 SR is intended primarily to serve the community of scientists and engineers responsible for preparing planetary science data for submission to PDS4. Such submissions include restored data from the era prior to PDS or from earlier versions of PDS, mission data from active and future planetary missions, and data from Earth-based sites, including laboratories and independent research efforts. The audience includes personnel at PDS discipline and data nodes, principal investigators and their staffs, and ground data system engineers. The document will be most useful to people who have experience with PDS archiving; those new to PDS may find the PDS4 Concepts document to be a better place to start.