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t the historic Christian Faith

Implications for the Student.
While students may attain a high degree of knowledge through the grace given to all, in order for them to attain the goals of Christian education, they must be in submission to the person of Jesus Christ, that sin and its effects in their own personalities may be overcome. Students, as creatures of God, are under His mandate both to learn and to apply all knowledge for the purpose of knowing and glorifying God. They should not be sheltered from non-Christian viewpoints, but must become able to evaluate all knowledge critically, to gain from that which is true and to discard error. Students should be aware of God’s call on their lives and thus see their education as an opportunity to prepare for their life work, whatever those fields of endeavor may be.

Implication for the Curriculum.
In Christian education the curriculum is built upon the foundation that the historic Christian Faith is permanently true, and that it is the integrating factor of a truly Christian education program. Since Christian education leads toward an understanding of God, mankind and the universe in their inter-relatedness, the curriculum will have a strong emphasis on both the humanities and the sciences, theoretic and applied, as well as a basic core of biblical studies. The curriculum should lead students to grasp the foundations of learning so that they can live a life glorifying to God, confronting honestly and confidently the problems and challenges of new knowledge, and contributing to the welfare of society under God.

Implications for Moral Discipline.
Standards of moral discipline must be maintained according to the moral law of God, which He has set forth in Scripture. Therefore, discipline is to be exercised on the basis of God’s Word. Discipline exercised in Christian love and firmness not only deters licentiousness, but also teaches in principle how to live under Christ’s Lordship and how to live with other people on the basis of righteousness. Moral discipline must always be exercised in an attitude of helping the offender in the context of the doctrine of sin and its solution in Jesus Christ.