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Systems of equations project

Systems of equations project

For the DRI values in table form: For just the macronutrients and water in table form: For obtaining nutrient data for a particular food with non-percentage values for the vitamins and minerals, use this website:

You are trying to save money (starving college student) and decide to eat only a few foods. Your diet will consist of ramen noodles and bananas.

1. Your two biggest concerns for nutrients are iron and calcium. Using the nutrient data and the recommended daily amount of each nutrient for your age and gender, construct a system of two equations with two unknowns to figure out how many servings of each food you will need to eat daily to meet RDA. Solve the system.

2. You realize that you must add more foods and nutrients to ensure your health. Choose six additional foods and six additional nutrients to add to your diet. Determine nutrient data and RDA for each nutrient chosen. Construct a system of equations (8 equations and 8 unknowns) for solving the amount of servings needed daily for each food to meet RDA. DO NOT SOLVE THIS SYSTEM.

3. In your own words, summarize how systems of equations and/or inequalities can be used in your major or profession. If you are undecided, summarize how they are used in medicine and healthcare. Write at least 300 words.

4. Remember to include a properly cited (MLA) reference page for the entire project.