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system Maintenance / Enhancement

System Implementation and Maintenance


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Implementation is a process of ensuring that the information system is operational. It involves −

  • Constructing a new system from scratch
  • Constructing a new system from the existing one.

Implementation allows the users to take over its operation for use and evaluation. It involves training the users to handle the system and plan for a smooth conversion.


The personnel in the system must know in detail what their roles will be, how they can use the system, and what the system will or will not do. The success or failure of welldesigned and technically elegant systems can depend on the way they are operated and used.

Training Systems Operators

Systems operators must be trained properly such that they can handle all possible operations, both routine and extraordinary. The operators should be trained in what common malfunctions may occur, how to recognize them, and what steps to take when they come.

Training involves creating troubleshooting lists to identify possible problems and remedies for them, as well as the names and telephone numbers of individuals to contact when unexpected or unusual problems arise.

Training also involves familiarization with run procedures, which involves working through the sequence of activities needed to use a new system.

User Training

  • End-user training is an important part of the computer-based information system development, which must be provided to employees to enable them to do their own problem solving.
  • User training involves how to operate the equipment, troubleshooting the system problem, determining whether a problem that arose is caused by the equipment or software.
  • Most user training deals with the operation of the system itself. The training courses must be designed to help the user with fast mobilization for the organization.

Training Guidelines

  • Establishing measurable objectives
  • Using appropriate training methods
  • Selecting suitable training sites
  • Employing understandable training materials