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 I believe that anyone can succeed if they prepare themselves for the next level in their careers. To do so, you must exploit every opportunity to learn. Here are 10 ways to take control of your leadership development.

  1. Hone a Learning Mindset: Having a positive attitude towards professional development is vital. In an interview with McKinsey Quarterly, Tom Peters discussed the importance of leaders having “unscheduled time” (up to 50 percent). What should they do with that time? He advised, “One way to deal with the insane pace of change is by living to get smarter and to learn new things.” Set aside time to learn on a regular basis.
  2. Examine Your Decisions: One difference between great leaders and mediocre ones is a willingness to examine past actions and decisions in order to improve. For CEOs and executives, designate a devil’s advocate for all major decisions. This can help you make better decisions and prevent any decision-making biases.
  3. Read Regularly: In the same interview with McKinsey Quarterly, Peters said, “I was at a dinner party recently with a guy who’s probably one of the top ten finance people in the world. At one point he said, ‘Do you know what the biggest problem is with big-company CEOs? They don’t read enough.'” Read widely, not only about current events but also subjects that can broaden your horizons, such as history. I am an avid reader of business books and almost always find an idea or two that I can use in my businesses.
  4. Write Regularly: Writing has multiple benefits for leaders. It can help you master the content, improve your critical thinking skills, and enhance communication with your various audiences, including employees. The more you publish, the better your writing will become. It can also help build awareness for yourself as an expert in your field.