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Studies on hysteria

The Society for Computers in Psychology is a non-profit organization of researchers interested in applications of computers in psychology. Its primary purpose is to “increase and diffuse knowledge of the use of computers in psychological research.” Over the past several years the organization has focused on many important issues in psychology, such as computational models of cognitive processes and behavior, computational tools for data collection and analysis, human-computer interaction, knowledge representation in both humans and machines, machine learning, methods and tools for Internet-based research, and technology in the service of improving and evaluating outcomes. We have also encouraged a consideration of cognitively-inspired design of computational technologies and models.

Membership is open to any person who has an academic degree and who is active in scientific applications of computers to psychological research.Please see our bylaws for operating of the society. We do not make payments to beneficiaries, with the exception of Honorariums to keynote speakers, student research awards, and yearly dues to Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences. We do not collect on the behalf of other charities. Our primary expenditure is hosting a conference once a year to bring together academic researchers in the areas of cognition, computation, education, research methodology, neuroscience, and related sciences.