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Strengths and Shortcomings of Accountability-Based TPP Evaluation Systems

As of the writing of this report, the data below is representative of all students enrolled in both the previous 48 hour Counseling and Psychology track as well as students enrolled in the new 60 credit hour Clinical Mental Health track. Student data was presented in this format to reflect how the departments current student enrollment provided important context for the CAP and has impacted specific data points such as CPCE Exit Exam scores and stakeholder surveys such as the alumni and site supervisor/ employer surveys. In the Fall of 2014 the Counseling Psychology track reported 85 students (80 continuing, 4 returns, and 1 new) and the CMHC track reported 37 students (22 continuing, 2 returns, and 1 new). In the Fall of 2015 the Counseling Psychology track reported 14 students (1 continuing, 13 returns, and 0 new) and the CMHC track reported 50 continuing, 4 returns, and 16 new). As the department phases out the Counseling Psychology track, students who graduate from this degree track will no longer impact enrollment data, as well as all other data point assessments. Future CAPs will reflect only those students enrolled in the 60 credit hour Clinical Mental Health program. Enrollment Data 5 Student demographic data is collected by the University Office of Research and Assessment and provided to the department via the program Tableau Public. TAMUCT Department of Psychology and Counseling had access to student data for the Clinical Mental Health Program for the Fall 2014 and the Fall of 2015. As of the writing of this report, student enrollment data for 2016 was not yet available. Information below consists of student enrollment by gender, race/ethnicity, enrollment status (new admit, returning, or continuing) and full or part time enrollment. The masters program admits students 3 times a year (spring, fall and summer). However, the information provided below represents all students enrolled at one data point (fall 2014 and fall 2015). Demographic information is reflected in the charts below. The TAMUCT masters program appears to have a diverse student population. Fall 2014 indicated 42% of students enrolled in the masters program (CMHC or Counseling Psychology), at that time, identified their race/ethnicity to be White, 36% identified as African American 16% identified as Hispanic, and 4% identified as other. During the 2105 academic year 35% identified as White, 32% identified as African American, 17% identified as Hispanic, and 8% identified as other. In 2014 83% were considered to be continuing their education with a total of 14 new admits (first time students) and 6 returning (transfers) with 62% (76) enrolled part time and 38% (46) were full time students