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strategy and structures

As part of my study of Miles and Snow’s strategic typology framework, I reviewed current literature, no older than three years, to see how the framework influences firm performance. While there are many studies that use Miles and Snow’s framework, I did not discover any major criticism of their work, indicating their strategic taxonomies are well-researched and widely accepted as operational.FAn important topic within the study of organizational design and theory is firm performance. This section will discuss, Miles and Snow’s strategic typology relates to firm performance. Many studies have looked at how a firm’s strategy impacts performance. There have been many different contributors to the study of organizational strategy that have impacted the field of strategic management. Peter Drucker was one of the first modern writers to address the basic strategic assumptions for businesses. In 1962, Alfred Chandler’s work Strategy and Structure focused on the importance of a long-term strategy to meet an organization’s growth goal (Miller, 1962). Igor Ansoff is another writer who contributed to the study of business strategy during the 1960s. The study of organizational strategy continued to grow and two dominant strategic frameworks emerged in the 1980s: Porter’s competitive strategies and Miles and Snow’s strategy typology.