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Strategies for Social and Individual Change

Psychotherapies Education

Program Overviw

The Psychotherapies Program is an integral part of the Department of Psychiatry. It provides input at four levels:

a) Psychotherapies Resident Training from PGY1 – PGY5.
b) Psychotherapies Training in each Program in our Department.
c) Advanced electives in the Psychotherapies.
d) A Fellowship in the Psychotherapies (PGY6).

The Psychotherapies Program is located at a number of sites. They include:

a) Health Sciences Centre (Adult and Child Mental Health Programs)
b) St. Boniface Hospital
c) Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre
d) Faculty Counselling Services, Max Rady College of Medicine

The Psychotherapies Program is directed by Dr. Mark Prober and the Supervisors (see below) are drawn from the above sites. The development of Psychotherapies Training is overseen by the Psychotherapies Steering Committee, which relates administratively to the Postgraduate Training Director and the Department of Psychiatry Postgraduate Training Committee.

Consultations that are made to the Psychotherapy Assessment Clinic and are seen by Dr. Mark Prober, Jack Perlov, and Resident Staff (PGY4 or PGY5) who are on an Advanced Psychotherapies Elective.

The learning objectives of the Psychotherapies Program are as follows:
1. Knowledge of basic psychodynamic principles as they apply to the individual, family and group.
2. Knowledge and ability to formulate and synthesize a patient’s problems from a bio, psycho, socio-cultural perspective.
3. Ability to treat patients in at least two individual and one systemic modality.
4. Review of psychotherapy literature as they apply to the individual and systemic psychotherapies.
5. Development of and ability to teach and supervise psychotherapies.

The residents treat two psychotherapy patients and are supervised by two psychotherapy supervisors from PGY1 – PGY5. In addition, Residents are taught the various types of Psychotherapies in our core curriculum, a variety of continuous case seminars, workshops, Sisler Institute; and through the Advanced Psychotherapies elective. Furthermore, before a member of the Faculty can join the Psychotherapy Supervisory Staff, they must attend the Supervisors Group for at least one academic year. This is a peer supervision group in which the supervision of a trainee is presented and a review of the pertinent literature discussed. Formal evaluations of Supervisees by Supervisors and Supervisors by Supervisees occur every 6 months.