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Statistics about suicide in a specific population


Each student will write a 3-5-page paper about suicide. Each paper will consult with the book, and any additional resources. Your paper must include:

(a) statistics about suicide in a specific population (ex: teens, veterans, LGTBQ groups) You can be as broad (ex: teens) or as specific (ex: gay, Asian teens) as you like

(b) describe causes of suicide for your group

(c) discuss local and national resources (in general, for your group and others

(d) discuss what was learned from suicide training

(e) detail what you would do if a client stated he/she was suicidal?

As always, your paper needs to be in APA format. You can use outside sources for this paper but you must properly include in-text citations and a reference page. Points will be deducted for consistent APA citation mistakes. No abstract is required.