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start-up rialization and business success

Entrepreneurial personality can be demonstrated by the ability of individuals discover, assess and take advantage of business opportunities through entrepreneurial potential. In this regard, there are many students who engage in their efforts to produce products or services or ideas, or ideas that are a novelty. In fact, not a few alumni oriented job seekers and not many alumni-oriented job creators. This indicates the low values of entrepreneurship among student’s personality. The education process is the activity of personality formation that takes place in a person who will shape the attitudes and behaviors as the accumulation of physical and psychological elements embodied in a person’s character. The values of the personality in question, including a strong commitment to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial intentions, entrepreneurship competence, and confidence. Strong entrepreneurship commitment shown by the attitude and behavior of people in protecting and maintaining the values and objectives of entrepreneurship in carrying out its activities. Commitment is not only a desire to become entrepreneurs and have ideas or ideas, but rather on a strong desire to create a disciplined behavior, consistent with the decision, wise and firm, and have a willingness to embody the values and purpose of entrepreneurship.suggested that the capital to form the formidable entrepreneur who takes a strong commitment-based discipline and steadiness in business. The opinion indicates that the individual commitments may affect entrepreneurial intentions and competence of a person to establish self-confidence