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Stability and consistency

To establish a frame of reference between compliance and ethics, I introduce two common ideas that are commonly applied to these terms. Compliance is often thought of as referring to the relationship of a CEP and the rules and regulations that apply to the organization. These rules and regulations typically take the form of local, state, and federal laws. Because these rules and regulations apply to other organizations within the same industry, they tend to provide an opportunity for compliance professionals to discuss how their respective organizations are working to satisfy the requirements that these rules and regulations demand.[1]

In contrast is the commonly held thought that ethics relates to the value system that exists within an organization. This value system can be seen as consisting of two subsets. One subset is what many organizations within the same and different industries tend to adopt and promote to their employees and customers. These values often take the form of social responsibility as it relates to how the organization works to be a responsible corporate citizen in the community in which it operates, or how the organization works to protect the environment above and beyond what it must do to meet regulatory requirements.