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SQL performance tuning

A data cube that grows to n number of dimensions is known as a _____________.

[removed]a. cloud cube 
[removed]b. multidimensional cube 
[removed]c. hypercube 
[removed]d. special cube

On which level of the BI framework is data analytics used?

[removed]a. data visualization 
[removed]b. monitoring and alerting 
[removed]c. queries and reporting 
[removed]d. All of these choices are correct.

A(n) _______ in a star schema provides a top-down data organization that is sued for aggregation and drill-down/roll-up data analysis.

[removed]a. dimension 
[removed]b. fact 
[removed]c. attribute 
[removed]d. attribute hierarchy

_______ has a larger database size than __________ .

[removed]a. DOLAP, ROLAP 
[removed]b. ROLAP, MOLAP 
[removed]c. MOLAP, ROLAP 
[removed]d. ROLAP, DOLAP

_______ measures the density of the data held in the data cube; it is computed by dividing the total number of actual values in the cube by the total number of cells.

[removed]a. Mass 
[removed]b. Sparsity 
[removed]c. Density 
[removed]d. Volume

Which SQL extension is useful when you want to compute all possible subtotals within groupings based on multiple dimensions?

[removed]a. BUILD 
[removed]b. ROLLUP 
[removed]c. STAR 
[removed]d. CUBE