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We assist you in identifying and analyzing assets (data, data flows, systems and processes) and create an overview of your data landscape. Afterwards we develop a plan and big picture scope with measures and activities for your individual situation and organization setup.

Conduct a Cyber Security Assessment and put your IT landscape under the microscope. Gain absolute clarity on where your risks lie and enable a secure – hence successful – digital transformation.


We assist you with the implementation of the defined measures and activities and consult you regarding the implementation of tools and processes to ensure compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR) including:

  • Minimizing data and establishing technical measures
  • Defining access rights and legal measures required
  • Designing and implementing new processes


We assist you in developing and establishing a monitoring process to ensure that the defined measures work as intended, including testing and certification.

Privacy Officer as a Service (POaaS)

AdNovum can provide a Privacy Officer as a Service for your company. As a result AdNovum will be your first point of contact for questions related to the processing of personal data.

The Privacy Officer as a Service performs among others the following tasks for you:

  • Check and evaluate data processing
  • Documenting the processing of data in processes
  • Assess the technical and organizational measures related to data security
  • Check of ordered processing of data of third parties; including contractual protection
  • Consulting related to the processing of personal data
  • Preparation of the employees with trainings and awareness campaigns
  • Communication with supervisory authorities and affected parties