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SPSS Data Analysis

Originally, SPSS data analysis was introduced in 1968 by SPSS Inc. but later owned by IBM. It’s used has mainly been promoted by its supportive user manual, the use of English language command and it being straight forward. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is used in complex statistical data analysis mostly by researchers such as health researchers, market, education as well companies involved in surveys, data miners and market organizing companies. Researchers use this software in analyzing their survey data as well as text data to ensure that they get maximum information from their conducted researches and give vivid and useful reports.

Overview of SPSS Data Analysis

In assisting researchers analyze their complex data, SPSS operates through four major programs that meet the researchers needs. The statistic program helps through the provision of statistical functions like frequencies and bivariate. Visualization designer program on the other hand helps in enabling researchers easily create radial boxplots and density charts with the collected data. In open ended survey questions, SPSS through the use of Text Analytics for Surveys Programs guides in getting powerful and useful insights while Modeler Program guides researchers in coming up with predictive models using the collected statistics. Additionally, SPSS is useful in creation of metadata dictionaries.

Why is SPSS Widely Applicable in Data Analysis?

Some of the major advantages of SPSS in analyzing complex research data are it provides data management tools which enables researchers to comprehensively manage the collected data. The simple spreadsheet in the SPSS ensures easy entry of data. Further, the graphical presentation of data through histograms, scatterplots and boxplots in SPSS gives researchers the understanding of the way their data behaves hence easy to interpret and analyze the data. SPSS also contains a wide range of statistical models for researchers to choose from in the analysis of their data. These models are set in a flexible manner making it easy for one to shift from one to the other that best fits their data analysis needs.

SPSS data Analysis of complex data is further facilitated by fact that where analyzed data contains measurements, each measurement is placed in a set row to prevent confusion and to ease data interpretation. Additionally, with SPSS software, one can easily import information from other sources provided that data is set in database. This adds to the main reasons why SPSS is preferred to by researchers as they can identify trends, create models that can easily be predicted as well as provide informed conclusions.