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Solid return on investment.

Why choose Minitab?

  1. Cost-effective e-learning. To fully maximize the tool, you get e-learning materials on how to analyze data and statistics online.
  2. Project Roadmaps. This feature streamlines the execution, replication, and sharing of projects across your organization. Meanwhile, it also has process mapping for constructing high-level and detailed flow charts.
  3. Assistant feature. This walks you through data analysis and helps you interpret results with better accuracy. It can improve the quality of the product and process as well as boost efficiency.

18. Stata

Stata dashboard example

Stata is a data analytics and statistics software for obtaining, exploring, and manipulating data. It enables you to visualize, model, and curate results in reproducible reports. It is developed by researchers for researchers to effectively support the needs of their fellow professional software developers. It is a complete and integrated software package for all tools needed in data management, analysis, and graphics.

The tool is known for being fast, easy, and secure. It has intuitive command syntax and point-and-click interface that streamlines how analyses are reproduced and documented for review and publication. Regardless of when they are written, version control ensures the analyses scripts are accurate and up-to-date to show the same results.

Why choose Stata?

  1. Data management. You gain complete control over all types of data as it works with byte, double, long, float, integer, and string variables. It can also combine and reshape datasets, monitor variables, and gather statistics across replicates or groups.
  2. Statistical tools. It packs hundreds of statistical features ranging from standard methods (basic tabulation and summaries, linear regression, and choice modeling) to advanced techniques (multilevel models, survey data, and structural equation modeling).
  3. Publication-quality graphics. Have the option to write scripts for producing a wide variety of graphs in a reproducible manner or use point and click to create your own custom graph. This enables you to build a publication-quality and distinctly-styled graph.