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Software Testing Engineer

Her verbal fluency skills, as assessed on the Animal Naming Test, were below average in English, and she was unwilling to attempt the task in Spanish. There was limited opportunity to observe her spontaneous language in Spanish with her parents. She exhibited some grammatical and syntactical errors, although to a lesser extent in Spanish than when she spoke in English.

Using the Gordon Diagnostic System, attention was in the normal range. Maria’s verbal learning was adequate, particularly considering her verbal cognitive abilities. On the California Verbal Learning Test, she displayed an acceptable learning slope. However, following interference, her spontaneous recall was impaired, and she did not benefit from cueing. Her recognition of words presented earlier in the evaluation was in the low-average range. This pattern suggested that she was adequately encoding words but had difficulty with retrieval. Maria refused to participate in a Spanish list-learning test. Nonverbal learning and memory were evaluated as adequate. Maria’s motor performance and sensory perceptual examination were within normal limits.