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SCOPE OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ACTIVITIES The study of international business focus on the particular problems and opportunities that emerge because a firm is operating in more than one country. In a very real sense, international business involves the broadest and most generalized study of the field of business, adapted to a fairly unique across the border environment. Many of the parameters and environmental variables that are very important in international business (such as foreign legal systems, foreign exchange markets, cultural differences, and different rates of inflation) are either largely irrelevant to domestic business or are so reduced in range and complexity as to be of greatly diminished significance. Thus, it might be said that domestic business is a special limited case of international business. The distinguishing feature of international business is that international firms operate in environments that are highly uncertain and where the rules of the game are often ambiguous, contradictory, and subject to rapid change, as compared to the domestic environment. In fact, conducting international business is really not like playing a whole new ball game, however, it is like playing in a different ballpark, where international managers have to learn the factors unique to the playing field. Managers who are astute in identifying new ways of doing business that satisfy the changing priorities of foreign governments have an obvious and major competitive advantage over their competitors who cannot or will not adapt to these changing priorities.