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Social Work and Police Partnership: A Summons to the Community

Just as the problems of anti-social behaviour are multifarious, the solution too must operate equally effectively on many levels. While an energetic and constructive police response is essential, it must be supplemented by engagement from a wide variety of partners. To take only the most obvious, schools need to have effective policies in place against truancy and bullying. Local authorities and registered social landlords need to take responsibility for acting against anti-social behaviour by their tenants, and against their tenants. Social services need to ensure that they are taking the welfare of the community fully into account when making their decisions. And, just as important, all of these bodies need to be sharing information with each other to the fullest possible extent in order to act fairly and decisively against the problems of anti-social behaviour. TAKING A STRATEGIC APPROACH 6 Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and Acceptable Behaviour Contracts ASBOs and ABCs can only work properly when they are based on this approach of partnership in action. As the guidance which follows will make clear, they are powerful instruments, and they will be at their most effective when all the agencies confronted by an individual’s anti-social behaviour collaborate to make the best possible use of them.