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social media and the internet to research medical devices

With newly developing diseases, doctors are taking full advantage of social media as a medium to reach out to specialists. Forbes writes “82% of physicians and other healthcare providers use social media and the internet to research medical devices, pharmaceutical information, and biotech data.” Although physicians are the thought leaders of the healthcare industry, technology is forever changing, and to keep up to date, doctors are embracing specialists and other expert opinions. Doctor’s are also exploring the research of peers in their field to be on the cutting edge of possible treatment options and breakthroughs for their patients. Another great research tool housed within social media is tracking influenza outbreaks. With public health being a main concern in the United States, social media could be used as a data mining source. With this knowledge, healthcare professionals can readily act on this information by protecting and warning patients of an illness outbreak. Research from ReferralMD reports 60% of social media users are the most likely to trust social media posts and activity by doctors over any other group. In other words, if a doctor is forecasting an influenza outbreak in your area and suggests ways to avoid contamination, most consumers will abide by his/her recommendations. The communication capabilities on social media are being used to educate, inform, and ultimately, keep people healthy.