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social justice and transparency process

Political environment is high importance in privatization process, as well as transparency of the process. One among the best researchers in Albania on privatization (Mema, 2003, 11), points out three main characteristics of privatization: speed of the process, social justice and transparency of the process. Law and its execution have been found to be avery big problem with 21% and with 27% big problem aft er privatization at the privatized enterprises in Kosovo (Dervishi, 2016,pp.33-43). Another author (Knudsen,2010,96) points out that: International state builders might have achieved responsibility-free privatization in Kosovo-but the wider domestic population does not seem to have benefi ted from the process. The fi ndings of this study seek to investigate the result of citizens consideration to the output of privatization in Kosovo. Aft er analyzing the gathered data, it is visible tht the general perception on the privatization process is not positively considered from the citizens. The questions of questionnaire were linked with employment, state policies for privatization, benefi ts, loss, and transparency of the process as well as their personal remarks for it. The questionnaire is developed in spring 2015. That time Kosovo Privatization Agency was without Board of Directors and no new privatizations could take place. Question 1: Are you happy with the privatization mode” From the interviewees 70.2% emphasized they are not happy at all with the privatization model and process. Firstly the employees remained without job and secondly the process was not transparent. Out of 281 interviewees only 11 of them declared to have benefi ted from privatization, while 5 of them were buyers of SOE’s. Out of 5, two of them who were not happy with the procedures because they