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Social insurance

Find a job!

Finally, once you are fully prepared to enter the field of social work, it is time to look for a job. While finding a job in social work can be similar to finding any job, we have included some ideas below to get you started.

Scour the internet.

  1. Job search engines can feel too time-consuming given their relatively low rate of return, but you should be registered and familiar with the major ones such as Monster, Career Builder, etc. Some engines, such as are directed at the social work profession and nonprofit sector. Setup preferences to narrow your search, and utilize job alert emails to receive job listings in your inbox.
  2. Look beyond the national search engines and consider local job listings. Some communities have nonprofit coalitions or task forces that list jobs across agencies. Check the job boards of local membership organization chapters such as NASW. Visit job boards for hospitals, school districts, state and local government agencies, and other large employers in your area.

Expand your search.

  1. Social workers are found in many professional settings. Expand your search beyond schools, hospitals and public agencies. Consider private practice, small nonprofits, churches and advocacy organizations. Consider your interests as a social worker and brainstorm nontraditional settings where you can put your skills to use.
  2. You’ve probably already considered common search engines for job posts but many jobs are never advertised. Professional networking is critical to learn about job openings and position yourself as a candidate to be recommended for those positions. Attend as many networking events and workshops as possible. Utilize continuing education courses as networking opportunities. Consider attending workshops for counselors, nurses, and other helping professionals who may know about jobs that fit your search criteria. Maintain contact with professors, advisors and peers from your bachelors and masters programs. Reach out to new contacts for informational interviews. Let your friends know that you are serious about your job search. Expanding your social circle and cultivating good relationships with people who know you’re looking for a job, can lead to crucial a referral down the road.