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Social Evolution

The study of law and religion is a relatively new field, with several thousand scholars involved in law schools, and academic departments including political science, religion, and history since 1980.[130] Scholars in the field are not only focused on strictly legal issues about religious freedom or non-establishment, but also study religions as they are qualified through judicial discourses or legal understanding of religious phenomena. Exponents look at canon law, natural law, and state law, often in a comparative perspective.[131][132]Specialists have explored themes in western history regarding Christianity and justice and mercy, rule and equity, and discipline and love.[133] Common topics of interest include marriage and the family[134] and human rights.[135] Outside of Christianity, scholars have looked at law and religion links in the Muslim Middle East[136] and pagan Rome.[137]

Studies have focused on secularization.[138][139] In particular the issue of wearing religious symbols in public, such as headscarves that are banned in French schools, have received scholarly attention in the context of human rights and feminism.[