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Social Dialogue and Culture Change

Passionate about work that matters and makes a difference, innovation and sustainable ways of being and working. 

Built the Innate Team Programme for CE teams and CxO teams that focuses on trust, communication, psychological safety, strategy and purpose, using behavioural psychology, system thinking, structural dynamics, dialogue and biofeedback. See for more information.

Interested in lots of stuff, including divergent thinking, structural dynamics, mindfulness, systems thinking, design-thinking, neuro-psychology, psychophysiology, conservation-psychology, strengths-based approaches, scenario thinking, creativity, and dialogue.

Inspired by thinkers such as Graves, von Bertalanffy, Handy, Ackoff, De Geus, Jensen, Bateson, Capra, Csíkszentmihályi, Calvin, Senge, Block, Wheatley, Jaworski, Kahane, Scharmer, Isaacs, Boehm, Claxton, Schwartz, Wolff, Kantor, Macy, Snowden, and Quinn.

IAF Certified Professional Facilitator. Certified in a range of psych assessment and profiling tools. GBN trained in scenario thinking.

Specialties: Continually asking ‘why?’ & ‘why not?’

* Certified structural dynamics facilitator;
* Scenario & futures thinking;
* Vision development;
* Change management & change leadership;
* Ecological psychology & conservation psychology;
* Presence and mindfulness
* Divergent/disruptive thinking;
* Innovation & creativity;
* Dialogue;
* Shifting whole ‘systems’
* Strengths-based thinking
* Leading organisational change;
* Organisational & individual capability development;
* Org culture development & transformation;
* Group-process facilitation;
* Strategy development;