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‘. CON-IT will support the global AF mission and will include operational, weapon systems, logistics and Research and Development (R&D) contract actions. The CON-IT IPO will deploy system capabilities as a series of standalone development/test/delivery increments and releases following an agile approach for acquisition and development. The following are the five stand-alone increments: • Increment 1: Contract Generation to Operational Contracting (replaces Standard Procurement System) • Increment 2: Contract Domain Process Management and Performance Management to AF Contracting Enterprise and Contract Generation to Weapons Systems, R&D, Logistics End-Users (replaces Contract Writing System [ConWrite] and Automated Contract Preparation System) • Increment 3: Contract Requirements to AF Contracting Enterprise • Increment 4: Contract Management to AF Contracting Enterprise • Increment 5: CON-IT capabilities to AF Contracting Classified Users The Enterprise Application Services and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will fulfill the System Integrator, Software Developer and Sustainer roles. Additionally, the IPO has selected the National Information Technology Center (NITC/USDA) as the Authorized Hosting Environment (Data Center).