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The development within the United States of the Nursing Management Minimum Data Set (NMMDS) provides 18 elements organized into three categories: environment, nursing care resources, and financial resources. The environment and nursing care categories for the NMMDS have been normalized to national data definition standards, and incorporated into LOINC®. (Regenstrief Institute, 2014) Consequently, most elements of the NMMDS are available through implementation of the LOINC® standard, making comparative analysis of these nursing variables and inclusion in outcomes analysis more efficient. (Hardiker, et al., 2015) In addition, many assessment scales used in evidence-based guidelines, such as the Braden Scale for pressure ulcers, the Morse Fall Scale, and several pain scales are already integrated into LOINC®.

A process is in place for adding other assessment scales as needed to represent nursing practice. Similarly a process is available to add nursing terminologies to SNOMED CT® as needed. With the availability of no-cost licenses in the United States with support from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) for both LOINC® and SNOMED CT®, nurses no longer need to “choose” a single nursing terminology. Adopting SNOMED CT® and LOINC® can provide access and linkage to all of the ANA recognized terminologies when the terms have been mapped into SNOMED CT® and LOINC®. Given work that has been done in the nursing community to date, adopting and implementing LOINC® and SNOMED CT® for nursing documentation will accelerate the reuse of nursing data.(Committee on Patient Safety and Health Information Technology,