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“Seeking Safety: an implementation guide”

A meta-analysis of outcome studies in existential psychotherapy conducted by Vos, Craig, and Cooper (2014) was also included. The review had limited inclusion criteria, requiring each study to explicitly identify the intervention as being existential in focus. Within those limitations, the reviewers identified 21 RCTs drawn from 15 samples comprised of 1,793 participants. Most studies described meaning-based therapies (e.g., logotherapy) or supportive-expressive therapies provided to medical patients with cancer and other medical illnesses. This review also includes a qualitative meta-analysis by Timulak and Creaner (2010) to add further descriptive detail about therapy outcomes. This review consists of nine studies exploring the question, “what outcomes/effects are reported in qualitative studies investigating outcomes of humanistic therapies?” (p. 72). The findings of qualitative and process studies have been brought together with the outcome data shown above to summarise the state of current evidence. Figure 1: Search process for the inclusion of recently published research Summary information about the 13 additional studies is provided in Appendix 2.