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sales and marketing analyses,

Clootrack is designed to equip businesses with valuable insights regarding the prevailing sentiments of their clients. The software leverages the power of AI to capture and analyze discussions, social mentions, and published posts from customers  across various channels on the web. All data is neatly consolidated to help you easily digest valuable information for improving your products and services while ultimately improving overall customer satisfaction.

With Clootrack, you have the means to gain organic insights on customer perception. As opposed to data collected from surveys, you can gain a comprehensive understanding on emerging trends, patterns, and other information about what customers think about your brand across a wide number of channels.

Why choose Clootrack?

  1. AI-powered algorithms to gather data. The software does all the dirty work to collect and analyze all the information you need.
  2. Large pool of data. Clootrack captures customer conversations, discussions, published posts, and mentions from a large selection of sources across the internet.
  3. Organic insights. With Clootrack, you no longer need to hand out surveys to understand what they like or dislike about your brand. Instead, you can gain a clear view on the prevailing sentiments about your products or services.