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Audience The PDS4 SR is intended primarily to serve the community of scientists and engineers responsible for preparing planetary science data for submission to PDS4. Such submissions include restored data from the era prior to PDS or from earlier versions of PDS, mission data from active and future planetary missions, and data from Earth-based sites, including laboratories and independent research efforts. The audience includes personnel at PDS discipline and data nodes, principal investigators and their staffs, and ground data system engineers. The document will be most useful to people who have experience with PDS archiving; those new to PDS may find the PDS4 Concepts document to be a better place to start. While instructions and examples in this document are given in the context of data prepared for archiving in the NASA Planetary Data System, the PDS4 Standards are available for use by other 1 PDS4 standards are not backwardly compatible with version 3 (PDS3). In principle, version 4 data can be described using version 3 labels, but the converse is not true; some PDS3 structures are no longer supported under PDS4. PDS Standards Reference 1.11.0 2018-10-01 8 national and international space agencies, and indeed the PDS welcomes such usage. Other agencies using the PDS4 Standards have complete governance over their own data repositories, name spaces, and mission and discipline data dictionaries. Readers are encouraged to contact their archiving authority for details. 1.4 Document Organization The PDS4 SR is divided into parts. The first, Sections 1-7, contains detailed information on the structural aspects of a PDS4 archive: the format of data, labels, and their assembly into ‘packages’ for submission and transfer. The second, Section 8, is more focused on the nature of what is stored in PDS4 archives — such as adequacy of calibration and documentation. The third, Section 9, documents additional constraints which do not fit easily into the previous two sections. They are usually implemented through Schematron files. The fourth, Section 10, provides a link to PDS policy statements with which this and other documents must comply.