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Carbon budget

Chart with annual progress towards 2025 target

As part of the council’s commitment to climate change mitigation, we set our first carbon budget for 2017/18. We are the first local authority in Scotland to implement such a budget. This approach is to make sure that we are placing as much focus on our carbon footprint as we do on our financial budgets.

An annual carbon budget figure is set each year to keep the council on track for its commitment to reduce emissions by 44% by 2025 using 2010/11 as a baseline year. Management of the necessary annual reduction in emissions is the responsibility of the Senior Leadership Team with support from key services and the Sustainability Team.

The carbon budget is set in February each year at the same time as the financial budget and is monitored throughout the year by the Sustainability Committee:

Annual progress towards 2025 target

Financial yearEmissions (tCO2e) Target required 
2011/12 7840083447
2013/1477265 78032
2018/19Determined in November 2019 64493
2019/20Determined in November 202061786
2020/21Determined  in November 202159078 
2021/22Determined in November 202256370 
2022/23Determined in November 202353662 
2023/24Determined in November 202450955 
2024/25Determined in November 202548247